A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A fast-paced, combat-focused,  turn based dungeon crawler, where diversified game play is encouraged. Each turn you have to decide (or regret) the best action to be taken. Do you throw your dagger at one of your hands and continue fighting with your long sword (now without the penalties of dual wielding)? Becomes invisible for a short time, enough to get into an open door and mislead (at least part of) that undead mob? Was it a good idea to wear a cuirass armor and now cannot cast spells? Now that those monsters are so close, do I switch my bow to a melee weapon? Will your fire bolt burn the target to death, giving time to drop your gauntlets and be able to throw your hatchet again?

This is just a very minimal demo version to its basic mechanics and features. A lot more is planned to come. Follow its development on r/roguelikedev and u/forsakenforgotten.

Install instructions

Unzip and double-click run.bat(Windows) or run.sh(Linux).


province.0.1.0.zip 27 MB
province- 27 MB